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This is what we call our body of work and it is fully explained here. TL;DR: We have eight divisions and they are:

TEVAdrive | TEVAknow | TEVAview | TEVAtalk | TEVAshow | TEVAlink | TEVAspare | TEVAtrust



Here will be original infographics, journals, survey results, research studies, and more.



Here are lists of numerous kinds. Our automotive section is the largest with a list of used, new, and future cars. However, while our focus is primarily automotive-based, we have also included examples of marine, aerial, and alternative land transport solutions.



Here you will find information on electric vehicle charging levels, infrastructure, and charger locations, resources for house and condo residents, smartphone apps, online charger stores, and more.



Here can be found resources for Ontario government electric vehicle and charging incentives, as well as accessibility benefits to receiving a green license plate.



Here is where we will have a selective list of federal and provincial (Ontario) environment and transport-related bills that we believe are either hurting or helping the environment and/or the electric vehicle industry. We will need as many voices as possible, including yours, to either help stop or pass a bill. This process will such activities as petitions and awareness events.



Here will be a full library of free downloadable files and documents that TEVA has created.