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Founded in 2011, TEVA is a Canadian charitable* organization, with an utmost commitment to clean transport advocacy, adoption, education, research, design, and innovation. 


TEVA was created to further the advancement of electric transportation. While originally automotive-focused, we expanded to include more land, aerial, and marine solutions. Why let cars have all the fun? We strive to inform Canadians, and the world, how beneficial electric mobility is and how it can be utilized to improve the environment, economy, your health and safety. 


*charitable status pending 



TEVA's mission is to catalyze the development of all electric transport solutions, in Canada, by virtue of expository discourse, corporate engagement, R&D, and legislative participation.


TEVA's vision is to create the most compelling clean-transport related charitable organization in Canadian history by directing the country towards a world-leading position in ecological mobility.


At TEVA, we encourage the public, government agencies, and businesses to participate in eco-friendly transport practices. As Canadians, it is in our best interest to ensure a cleaner and overall better life for all. In short, here's how we'll achieve this:

  • Advocacy: Our team consists of individuals that are both knowledgeable and passionate about electric transport. We express this through our numerous official media networks; primary one being YouTube.
  • Services: We offer responsible, dynamic, and robust services (and products) for clients of all kinds.
  • Resources: It is in our best interest to create free content and publications for anyone with an internet connection. We also have a goal to create free physical media in order to have our material within reach of everyone.